June 13, 2006

Na Ha!

For all those who loved to jump the gun and were trying to convince themselves that he would be indicted soon:

Darth Rove won't be charged in so called "leak case."

Again, I say Na ha!

PS: Bite me, Howard Dean - you washed up never will be... you are dragging your party down. Time to jump ship before more people figure out what a waste of breath you are.

Update 2:Top 10 Reactions to the End of Fitzmas, Tip O' da Hat to Little Green Footballs, naturally.

And it's not because I am a huge Bush fan or even a Rove fan - it's simply because I enjoy the sound of moonbats wailing and gnashing their teeth in impotant frustration. Especially when they had convicted someone prior to any evidence being heard.

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